48 Daily practices and efforts for children and adults

1. Look after your immediate and near-term personal needs and those of your family.
2. Extrapolate the likely near-term future and prepare.
3. Go walkabout within your locale — at different times of day.
4. Clean up your living conditions.
5. Improve your living conditions.
6. Exceed your physical conditioning — strength, power, or volume.
7. Eat food that makes you feel physically strong and mentally sharp.
8. Externalize and Test your knowledge.
9. Ensure you understand what you are saying — and do not agree with what someone else has said unless you understand its explicit meaning and have a reasonably good sense about its implicit meaning.
10. Simplify a complex thing to its principles and develop analogies for explaining those principles to others.
11. Ratchet forward a skill set.
12. Make art — and carefully study your artful forebears & contemporaries.
13. Memorialize something worth remembering.
14. Talk about important things with a close friend.
15. Tell stories and jokes with captivating presentation.
16. Be affectionate with your inner circle.
17. Invest in a friendship you intend to keep.
18. Read for knowledge.
19. Study the human timeline.
20. Study something of no present interest and connect it to what you are interested in.
21. Consider the blind spots of your perspective.
22. Take a calculated risk to test your capabilities.
23. Do your future self a favor.
24. Build and protect a suite of revenue-generating assets (aka wealth).
25. Study a system of people, technologies, natural phenomena, and working principles — and its history.
26. Observe other people’s needs — consider multiple solution models, test hypotheses, and cultivate a superior design for economical & reliable implementation.
27. See an important thing done.
28. Study a behavioral tendency and consider its causal factors — i.e. why do you do what you do?
29. Condition your internal & external environment for continuous improvement.
30. Cultivate a physical appearance and self-presentation.
31. Improve your cognitive and physical tool sets.
32. Present a gift to a person of power and/or wisdom.
33. Be alone with your thoughts and internally examine your ideas.
34. Cultivate a public curriculum vitae.
35. Imagine the world without you.
36. Identify the prominent features of the power structures around you and safeguard your position from abuse.
37. Study your subconscious biases and safeguard against their otherwise undetectable abuses.
38. Establish refuges of the body & mind.
39. Consider your dangers.
40. Consider gruesome realities — and be grateful you’re not facing them.
41. Harden yourself to fears.
42. Reduce anxieties to those which merit immediate attention and can be addressed with systematic effort.
43. Build a reputation of leadership within multiple areas of competence.
44. Seek pleasures which inform your perspective and increase interpersonal connection — avoid those leading to isolation and ignorance.
45. Train assistants and an heir apparent.
46. Seek treasures prepared by forebears for worthy heirs.
47. Assemble a comprehensive list of items of importance to humanity — then narrow down to short list of personal concerns — then address those concerns systematically.
48. Design a system of habits, relationships, capabilities, and refuges by which you can sustain happy, productive living interminably (with expected low points due to personal tragedy).

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