Tech Trends into the 2020s (#TT2020s)

In 2009, US smartphone penetration was 17%. By 2016, it was 80%.
Entirely new economies spawned in the wake of that hypergrowth.

2009: 41k apps on the App Store. Uber founded as UberCab.
2016: Nearly 3Million App Store apps. Uber does 2 Billion rides/yr.

The economies of tomorrow will build on the nascent technologies of today. And Minnesota will build a good future for itself by fostering great startups that commercialize those technologies.


An event built for tech entrepreneurs

On March 7th, hundreds of members of Minnesota’s entrepreneurial ecosystem will gather at the The Minnesota Entrepreneur Kickoff.  A focal point of conversation is emergent technologies.


5 steps to make the most of the event

Get insight: Study the first-movers in each technology area from all around the world.  A wide array of exemplars provides an intuitive understanding of the potential of a technology.


Try out a pitch: See if you can transfer the key concepts from the exemplars above to a new idea in an industry you’re close to. This act of trying to explain a new idea reveals gaps in knowledge and leads to questions.


Ask questions: At the kickoff, 9 active tech leader founders / product builders will field your questions about commercializing these emerging technologies.

Watch Panelist Intros here:


Talk about the details: The evening program concludes with a Drone Race from Hydra FPV.  During that time, meet with other attendees and many of the tech leaders from the Q&A to discuss more specifics about emergent technologies.


Keep the ball rolling: After the event, there’s a stream of bootcamps, accelerators, competitions, and even a Startup Weekend.  Victor Gutwein of VC firm M25 ranks the Twin Cities as the 2nd best Midwest startup community (after Chicago).


The companies gaining traction in emergent technologies today will be the household names of the 2020s.  We want a lot of those to be MN companies.

Register here:

See you there.

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